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A true San Francisco native, Bob Kranzke was always intrigued by the vast amount of beauty the city offers all year round. Growing up in the backdrop of Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and the Presidio of San Francisco sparked his interest in photography and inspired him to pick up his first camera in early 1970. Self-taught, he began his love of photography developing and printing black and white in his own darkroom.  1988, Bob moved to Marin County, CA experiencing a newfound passion for photographing wildlife, landscapes, and seascapes.  His work now include his travels in Africa, Europe and the United States.  


“I have always felt that the beauty that we see is a reflection of the beauty that is within us.  I love making these photographs and hope they will, in some way, allow you to peek into the world that I love and want to share with you.” - Bob Kranzke

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